Using Biteable For Easy Video Creation

From fast text animations to photo-based video presentations to video stories, Biteable is one of our favorite social video tools to help you create your first marketing video before the end of the day. You can add your own logo, images and audio files to match your video to your brand, and export the video directly to YouTube and other video hosting sites, or download it so that you can share it anywhere.

Biteable is the best web software application for companies or individuals to make a great promotional video, presentation, event advertising, video or web ad for YouTube or social media. Remember, if you want to get involved in making web videos for your business, it is probably useful to hedge your bets by making a video and putting them in ALL of these places.

You can choose storyboards for the type of video you want to make - for example, specific to brand awareness, or another to introduce your company to your audience or inform them about your product or service. PLus, you can customize your video with the simple drag-and-drop interface.

If your digital marketing strategy does not use the potential of video marketing, you leave a lot of money, conversions and engagement on the table. There are tons of free tools to produce stunning video content in just a few minutes, but Biteable is by far our favorite.

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