How To Spy On Competitor Keywords

Cube can help you track all of your top competitors for specific keywords and get information about your competitor's products, or you can do it yourself using free - cheap online tools.

Keyword research based on existing competitor performance is a modern approach to finding high performance, high search volume keywords and is one that is becoming increasingly popular among SEO and content marketers. The technology exists allowing us to plug competitor websites into a database and see real time data on what keywords they are using, which one’s are driving the most traffic, and which ones they are paying for.

We then can export these keywords and implement them in Google AdWords or simply use them as a frame of reference for your website’s organic content in order to improve your sites organic search ranking.

Google has existing features like Keyword Planner that can suggest keywords based on the existing content of a website, but it won’t really tell you which keywords your competitor is actually ranked for, getting traffic from or bidding on in Search Ads which is why we use and recommend SpyFu.

Data on everything from local and global monthly search volume, click-through-rates (CTR), ad spending, ad history, ranking history, backlinks and ad groups are easily available, offering valuable insights into the keyword strategies of your competitors. Spyfu is a very powerful tool, and when you use it together with other tools as part of your keyword research workflow, you will be amazed at the data you can dig.

In addition to the basic functions of the search and planning of PPC keywords, the tool also collects the data of your competitors and identifies gaps and opportunities for your campaigns. You can track the main sources of movement of your competitors (for example, how much of it comes from organic and paid search ) and referral sites. SpyFu allows you to view the top-performing keywords of your competitors, sort them by search volume and see who is linking to your competitors' content.

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