How Much Should A Website Cost?

Even now, with millions of websites online, there is no magical formula for calculating the cost of a new website build or redesign . Questions about website design costs are common, but very few people are willing to answer, even when it comes to professional web design prices.

As website creation has become more streamlined in recent years, the cost of a website has decreased, making it a more effective investment than ever before for new companies. Websites that are priced at the higher end of the cost scale because of the need for additional features like responsive design, CRM integration, Search Engine Optimization, and Custom Content.

If you can afford professional website design costs for high-end websites, you will see better results than trying to build the site yourself or outsourcing to overseas freelancers. While free tools can be useful, you are more likely to get a better, more reliable website if you pay for hiring a professional web design company.

Monthly, you should expect to pay for hosting your website, SEO, other ongoing optimization, content creation, link building services and special design projects. In order to help you understand better why a site will cost you what it does, or what your site will cost you on a monthly or annual basis, you can schedule a free call with us at

Companies such as Weebly that offer free DIY websites usually earn money by offering level" freemium" plans : a basic plan can be very cheap, or even free, but if you decide that you really need more features or flexibility, such as your own domain name, e-commerce functionality or a premium template, you can end up paying the ongoing costs you didn't expect.

Businesses should expect to pay a quality agency between $5,000 and $10,000 for the design and development of a typical state of the art website. Your website redesign agency should try to find out as much as possible about your business in order to create a custom quote. Good developers can create advanced features and tools for your employees to automate things that are currently manual, make sure that the integration is correctly positioned and improve the speed of the platform.